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[FREE@@] Nationals vs. Phillies live 7 August 2023

7:28 PM2 years agoBryce Harper hit base on a single. 7:23 PM2 years agoJosh Bell is dominated and we go to the third inning. 7:18 PM2 years agoJuan Soto walks. Sanchez to third. 7:13 PM2 years agoAdrian Sanchez grounded into double play. 7:08 PM2 years agoLane Thomas singles to left. Kieboom scores and Garcia to third. 7:03 PM2 years agoJosiah Gray out on a sacrifice bunt. Garcia to second. 6:58 PM2 years agoLuis Garcia singles to right field. Kieboom to third. 6:53 PM2 years agoCarter Kieboom singles on a ground ball to third baseman. 6:48 PM2 years agoJuan Segura grounds into a force out.

Phillies Scores: Scoreboard, Results and Highlights

8:23 PM2 years agoGet on the mound Patrick Murphy replacing Josiah Gray. 8:13 PM2 years agoHarper strikes out and we have the third out. 8:08 PM2 years agoJean Segura grounds into double play. Herrera out at second. 8:03 PM2 years agoOdubel Herrera singles to left. 7:53 PM2 years agoCarter Kieboom hits home run to left field. 7:48 PM2 years agoZack Wheeler strikes out and finishes Top 3. 7:38 PM2 years agoFreddy Galvis walks. Miller to 2nd & Harper to 3rd. 7:33 PM2 years agoBrad Miller walks. Harper to 2nd.

Philadelphia Phillies vs Washington Nationals

Third out. 6:43 PM2 years agoRafael Marchan singles to right field. 6:38 PM2 years agoKeibert Ruiz pops out to shortstop Galviz and the first inning finish. 6:33 PM2 years agoYadiel Hernandez walks. Soto to 3rd and Bell to 2nd. 6:28 PM2 years agoJosh Bell walks. Soto to second. 6:18 PM2 years agoThe top 1 ends and the Phillies lead by three. 6:13 PM2 years agoGalviz misses the play to first, McCutchen scores and Miller out at second.

Washington Nationals 4-7 Philadelphia Phillies in MLB 2021

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